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How to Build a Wood Shed That Will Last!

wood sheds can be a terrific outdoor storage building. before you start building your wood shed make sure you plan everything out in advance. this will help increase how long your wood shed will last. with the right strategies, your wood shed can last 30-40 years, or, do it wrong and your shed can be falling apart in months. this article will give you the building blocks to make a long lasting wood shed.

with the many types of outdoor sheds you can chose from wood sheds are the most popular because you can have so many different styles to pick from. you can build it to match the color and look of your house or just about any type of structure, from contemporary, colonial, rustic, etc. choosing the right look of your wood shed is just one aspect of building your outdoor storage building. you need to make sure you pick the right size. many people find one they like and after it's set up find out that they don't have the room to store everything inside.

the best way to figure out the size you need is to take everything you plan on having inside the shed and place it on the lawn. arrange them the way you want them to be and then measure around the outside. once you have the right style and size picked out you need to make sure you get the right type of wood for your shed. you want your shed to last a long time, so build it to last. don't take short cuts to save time and money because in the long run it's going to end up costing you more of both.

you want your floor to be strong and water resistant. this is where most wood sheds start to fail. make sure you install treated wood post, rated for burial. these will form a strong base for your wood sheds flooring system and will resist rot. then use pressure treated wood around your ground post just as you were builder a deck. on top of that you want to put pressure treated plywood as your floor. this will help make your wood sheds last decades.

now you're set to build the rest of your outdoor wood shed. you don't need to use any pressure treated wood for the rest of the project, but if the price difference between the two is minimal, go with pressure treated. it will last longer and help just in case any water seeps in through any cracks.

wood storage sheds are a great choice for all of your storage shed needs. wood is very durable, and it will stand up to tough weather conditions like wind, rain and snow. whether you live in a climate that brings a lot of rain or a hot dry climate, a wood storage shed can withstand all the elements. by using these tips you will have the best wood shed on the block that will last a lifetime.

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