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A Wooden Garden Shed

a wooden garden shed is a value packed addition to backyard life.  whether the purpose of the shed is strictly for storage or to create a private oasis, there is a perfect garden shed for everyone.

historically all out buildings including sheds were intended for utilitarian purposes.  in the case of a shed, it was generally intended to store outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers, rakes and shovels.  in later years the backyard shed was sued to store bicycles, skateboards, and lawn furniture.  although the contents of the shed might have varied the utilitarian nature of the shed stayed the same.

these days wooden garden sheds can serve a variety of different purposes besides being a storage area.  below are two non conventional uses of garden sheds.

1.  a  playhouse for children.  an average sized shed can be easily transformed into the perfect playhouse for your children.  it provides a place for children to play during the rainy days and can also provide a quiet outdoor space for a child to read or complete a craft.  the interior walls of the shed can be quickly covered in panelling and painted a child friendly colour.

2.  a hobby room.  do you have a serious hobby or craft that takes a fair bit of room?  if so, transforming a backyard shed into a private hobby room is a great idea.  with the additional of a work bench, the shed can be a place for you to store your tools and materials and half finished project away from curious little hands.  an outdoor shed is perfect for a sewing room, a writing room, or an area for handicrafts such as weaving or stained glass,

not only have the traditional uses of a garden shed changed so has the outward appearance of the shed.  these days a wooden garden shed can be quite attractive. as people begin to spend more and more time in their backyards they began to be more concerned with the appearance of their shed.   windows and skylights allow natural light to flow into the shed.  the windows are often complimented by window boxes and or shutters.  instead of being the standard plywood walls and asphalt roofs, today's sheds often have attractive siding such as board and batten siding and metal roofs.  the addition of a little stone patio or a small landing in front of the shed door completes the picture.

be creative when designing your new backyard shed.  try to think of a number of different ways your family could use the shed.  remember,  sheds are not just for storage.  a wooden garden shed is a great addition to your back yard.

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